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Van Division

  Just when you thought is was under control, someone forgot to order what you thought was on it's way yesterday.  Now what will you do? 

Call Curry's Transportation's Van Division


   Faster than a speeding plane on ground deliveries up to a 600 mile radius.  Curry's can without a doubt get you what you need faster than air service!  Before the time the air charters can arrange a truck to pick up your expedite, and make the arrangement for a truck to pickup your product from the airport and get it to your destination, we can have it there.  And, it hasn't been moved two extra times.  Faster and with less transportation damage.

   Curry's is in the Customer Service business first, and the transportation service second.  We are currently running a fleet of 53' air-ride vans that will provide you with the service you desire.  Please let us know your transportation needs.  We will formulate a solution for you!

800-553-2339, ext.128

Amy Timmerman


800-553-2339, ext. 131

Scott Richardson - Recruiting Manager

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