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Hopper Division

   Curry’s Transportation Services Inc. dry bulk division is second to none in customer service, safety, and on time deliveries. We specialize in hauling feed ingredients, salt, grain, fertilizer and anything that can be hauled by a hopper bottom.


   Curry’s has become the carrier of choice for customers who demand their products be moved quickly, reliably and most importantly, safely.  The key to our success has been building strong business relationships with some of the largest feed and grain companies in the industry.


    We operate spec light weight trailers equipped with 78" sides and vibrators that allow us to haul the maximum payload for our customers.


   Our trucks are all equipped with on board computers that allow us to not only pin point exactly where the truck is, but we can also email our drivers to give them the latest information on their loads. With the help of these computers, we have great communication with our drivers to ensure on time deliveries. 

800-553-2339, ext. 128

Amy Timmerman


800-553-2339, ext. 131

Scott Richardson - Recruiting Manager

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